J-E-T-S, Jets, Je… Oh, Why Do I Even Bother?

As I slowly emerged from a “The New York Jets Blew It Again” funk yesterday, HBO (a favorite hub for sports documentaries and programming), brightened my day by airing an extended version of this teaser for “Namath” – an upcoming documentary about the only New York Jets quarterback to lead the team to a Super Bowl win and quite possibly, the greatest Jet to ever play the game.

When the Jets were the HBO “Hard Knocks” team for the show’s 2010 season, Namath stopped by the training camp to lend a helpful ear and some seasoned wisdom to coach Rex Ryan. Although it ultimately lost a chance at the Lombardi trophy, the team gave a really solid season performance and competed in the NFL’s AFC Championship game.

This year was a completely different story. No winning season. No playoff berth. A few are pointing the finger at Santonio. A few more are blaming Mark. Most are blaming Rex.

HBO will air “Namath” on Saturday, January 28 at 8pm ET and like every other loyal, but, dejected Jets fan, anticipating its premiere is probably the only thing that will help me stomach the remainder of the NFL season.

Joe’s a member of the NFL Hall of Fame; a humanitarian; a defender of African Americans during his Crimson Tide days; a pseudo actor slash Broadway star and a snazzy dresser (see the flipped polo shirt collar above). Why is he not a member of the Jets executive team?

He’s probably turned down repeated offers to join the team’s front office. If I were him, I’d probably do the same. His post-NFL life is one to be admired. Why trade the sunny skies and lush fairways of coastal Florida for the frozen turf of New Jersey’s unforgiving Meadowlands?

Keep popping your collar, Joe. You’ve earned it.