Are Successful Young Adult Writers Assholes?

Truth. Underneath a sometimes snarky personality, I have aspirations of one day becoming an author of children’s and young adult books.

This weekend, I partook in a showing of Charlize Theron’s Young Adult – an ode to the snarkiest, most insecure and disorder laden writer to ever be created for the big screen.

Enjoying the movie and Theron’s writing scenes immensely – albeit its truly sad moments – I wondered if my path to book writing success included a transformation to assholedom, which is the best way to describe the beginning and conclusion of the protagonist’s (aka Mavis Gary’s) tale.

Then my sister-in-law forward me the following tweet from Diane Von Furstenberg:

Throw your insecurities in the garbage and start the year being your best friend. Love Diane

For the DVF fans, I have at least five wrap dresses lovingly hung in my closet. That assholedom transformation idea is dead… for now.